Kiviuq Returns & More Festival Performers

Kiviuq Returns

Kiviuq Returns is a brilliant new performance by the Qaggiq Collective, a pan-Arctic theatre company produced by the Qaggiavuut Society. Kiviuq is the eternal wanderer and legendary hero of Inuit stories from across the Arctic. Inuit music, dazzling costumes, digital design, elder storytelling and some of the North's finest performers retell Kiviuq's heroism and the sorrow through the ages.  Two performances will be presented on July 3rd featuring Pakak Innuksuk, Lois Suluk, Christine Tootoo, Kuuri Panika, Vinnie Karetak, Natashia Allakariallak; directed by Sheena Akoomalik and Martha Burns.

Ranky Tanky

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina based quintet, Ranky Tanky, unites celebrated musicians from the South Carolina low country, most of whom trace their roots directly back to a unique African American culture called Gullah. They pay tribute to this distinct community by updating timeless game songs, work songs, and spirituals from the Carolina Coast. 

Nomadic Massive

Montreal, Quebec

This polyglot band (with songs performed in 5 languages), has a unique sound that falls somewhere between the rebellious rhythms of seventies soul and avant-garde rap. The collective delivers an unbounded hip-hop that combines live instrumentation, sampling and a wide range of vocals.